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Do you regularly employ ESL people?  Would you like to test the English proficiency of the staff you are recruiting?

Pine View College provides English Language Proficiency testing services to the business and corporate sectors.

By using state-of-the-art testing facilities, you can be assured that the person(s) you are planning to employ has sufficient skills in using English.  In addition to testing for standard English, our English Language Proficiency testing services can also cater for the testing of English for specialised industries or topics.  This is ideal for company’s that use a specific type of English – e.g., the mining, hospitality and agricultural sectors.

Testing can be done on an individual basis or as a group – so we can cater for your next recruitment drive.  Upon the completion of testing, you will be delivered a full comprehensive report which details the person’s ability to understand and communicate in English.  This report includes ranking those people against the group and also presents a summarised view for each person’s level and ability to communicate and understand English.

Our state-of-the-art testing and reporting facilities conducts the full assessment on:

  • determining their ability to clearly talk
  • assessing their reading and comprehension skills
  • testing their ability when listening to customers and clients from different backgrounds
  • ascertaining their writing ability

The results of each test are based on the existing international IELTS standard and also the Pine View College General English Proficiency (GEP) rating.  You can be assured that the person/people you are planning to employ will have a good ability to understand and communicate in English.




Need more information?  Check our FAQ

How do the people do the exam

You send us a list of names and email addresses, we will put those names into our testing system and generate a password for each individual and will re-send that list back to you along with a unique and secured link to our testing centre.   This process will take 2 working days.  You then contact those people and invite them to undertake the exam through the link we sent you.

They complete the online test by logging into our secured testing centre.


How are we notified of the results?

You are sent individual reports for each person sitting the test and also sent a group report which ranks each person against the others in your group according to our and your testing criteria – that is, talking, reading, listening, writing and grammar.


Are the results sent as a report?

Yes – the results are sent on an individual level and also as a summarised report.  If you require the testing of a group of people, then you will also receive a full report that ranks people against each other.


Do you explain the grades/results of the test?

Yes we do.   The grades and results will appear as percentages, but we also explain the results on an individual level and provides and indexed score based on the international IELTS standard.


Are the results guaranteed?

Not 100% because we cannot guarantee that the person sitting the exam is the same person you wish to employ.   But the test does ask specific and targeted questions to the person about your organisation, and the test does include taking a photo of the person sitting the exam (providing the person being tested has the appropriate computer facilities).


Can I include specific question in the test that relate to our company and/or industry?

Yes – the test can cater for your questions.  We do have a general test, but we also allow for the addition of extra testing for industry specific questions.  This can include can specific questions relating to machinery, processes, jargon words or anything that is required in your sector.


How accurate it the test?

The test is very accurate as it is based on existing international IELTS standards and also with our specialised GEP scoring process.  But we won’t lie to you, we cannot guarantee that the person who actually sits the test is the same person you wish to employ.  They could get their friend to do it.   But we have safeguards built into the testing process that will identify possible cheating.  At various part of the test, we ask specific questions about the person to check their identity and our state-of-the-art testing facilities also takes a picture of the person doing the test – but this is dependent on whether they have these facilities on their computer.   Most modern computers and laptops will have these facilities though.  With these safeguards in place, along with their picture, then we can be comfortably assured that the person doing the test is the same person you wish to employ.

In terms of the measurement and assessment of their English ability, we can confident that the results are very accurate.   The test is built on existing IELTS standards which many universities and governments in the English speaking world use to assess the ability of international students or migrants.  Plus, we have also added the Pine View College GEP rating which indexes the person’s ability in using English.

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