IELTS Preparation Courses

A complete and flexible range of IELTS Preparation Courses to suit you and your needs. No longer do you need to follow strict class times and schedules because Pine View College can create a study time that suits you.

Advanced Online Learning Centre

One of the most advanced online learning centres in the world. Our multilingual interface allows you to study our English courses from anywhere in the world at any time that suit you. Plus, you will still have access to qualified, professional and experienced English teachers.

Our own radio station - Pine View Radio

Educational English programs on the radio for you - learn English and western cultures while listening to great English music. Perfect for listening practice.

Pine View College - one of Australia's leading English Schools

When deciding on who to study with, you need to be assured that the school you choose has modern and up-to-date courseware and is also a leading school in innovation and technology. Pine View College is that school.

With our advanced online learning centre and our state-of-the-art courseware, you can be assured that the training from our professional and native English speaking teachers is what you need in order to achieve your goals. Plus, our dedicated English radio station allows you to practice your listening and also learn about Western English speaking cultures and music.

IELTS Preparation Classes

We offer a variety of class based courses that prepare students to undertake the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exams. Our range of courses are designed for the student in mind and are flexible and adaptable for each student or groups of students.

Social English Courses

Our Social English programs are perfect for those people wanting to learn how to interact with people in a friendly way and also for those who wish to learn about the English speaking cultures.

Private Tutoring

Private Language Tutoring is for students who do not wish to study in a class. Each student enrolled in Private Language Tutoring will be given one experienced, qualified and native English speaking teacher who will tutor them in their requirements.

Pathways to English

Our pathways to English courses provide a great way for you to study and build the English skills you need.

University Enrolments

Pine View College provides enrolment advice and assistance for a number of universities in Australia.

Business English

Specialised and Professional English classes to suit your Business needs.
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